“Can Damon Silvers Save Organized Labor?”

So asked the Washington Post in 2013. So as the POTUS pays us a visit, we sat down with Damon Silvers, Director of Policy and Special Counsel at the AFL-CIO, America’s TUC to record a special Unions21 podcast.   That question is even more important today, as a hostile environment rages against organised labour in the US.  … Continue reading “Can Damon Silvers Save Organized Labor?”

Jess Phillips MP on Women and Work

We talk women an work, childcare (why describing it as low-skill is so wide of the mark) why it’s good to laugh (“gags are supposed to be funny, that’s the point”), and why we shouldn’t be grateful when we win.

NEW PODCAST: Enforcing Labour Standards

Non-compliance is a major issue – for being paid at least at the statutory levels, for equipment and working practices being safe. You can have all the positive legislation in the world, but effective enforcement is needed to make good intentions a day-to-day reality.

NEW PODCAST What Makes NHS Employers Tick?

The lack of co-ordination and appetite amongst employers is a major inhibitor of good industrial relations. So, when the lead negotiator for the employer of the largest workforce in the country offers to share his thoughts, that seems a good opportunity to learn something.

How Collective Bargaining Controls Algorithms

The Robots Are Coming but Sweden Is Fine – so ran a memorable headline of a New York Times article last year about the looming impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and employment. But why are the Swedes apparently so relaxed about this? What is the truth behind the headline? In this week’s Unions21 podcast, we … Continue reading How Collective Bargaining Controls Algorithms